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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Etsy Finds

Monday, March 2, 2015

Craftsy Sewing Kits

I love to sew but I find it hard to get out to the fabric store which is 50 minutes away, one way! So after I received an email from Craftsy about their Craftsy sewing kits on sale, 60% off retail price, I knew this would be a great opportunity to get a few projects and have them sent straight to my front door. By the way, for me this is like receiving Stitch Fix in the mail, except I got to pick it out and keep all of it. Ok, it's nothing like Stitch Fix.
Here are the two projects I picked....
First up, is this knit pencil skirt. I know what your thinking, "This is super easy to make, didn't you make that already?" Yes, I did make it already by refashioning an old dress. But I did not have a pattern and the sewing kit was only $14.99 with fabric and the McCall's 6654 pattern! Plus my refashioned knit skirt that I love, I wore slam out and there's a hole in the fabric. Speaking of fabric they are sending me Ponte Roma in black. Sometimes it is hard to know what the best fabric is to use for a project like this and it is so nice that they are sending me what is best. 
My second choice!!!
It is almost spring and I wear this style of shirt for work all of the time. Usually these shirts cost any where between $30-$50. I found the Butterick 5678 pattern and fabric for only $22.49. Once I get the right fit, I can see myself making a ton of these shirts. It is really a smart design. Instead of side darts, it is a princess cut shirt with pockets over it. Much more flattering, but you do have to get the sizing right. They are send me 3 yards of Robert Kaufman Carolina Gingham in this light blue. 
Can't wait to start sewing!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sew Cheap!

Craftsy has kits for sale up to 60% off retail price! The kit has fabric and sew pattern sold together.
Expires March 1, 2015
JoAnn has their patterns on sale. 
Simplicity Patterns are $1 each through Feb.28, 2015.
Butterick Patterns are $1.99 March 6-8,
Simplicity Patterns are $1.99 March 8-14,
McCall's Patterns are $1.99 March 20-22,
Vogue Patterns are $1.99 March 20-22. 
(Some exclusions apply.)
Make sure you sign up for the coupon newsletter it tells you about the best deals and the coupons are 40-50% off none sale items.
March 12-17 You Can Make This will be running another $5 pattern promotion! 

Expires March 5, 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Kelly Green, Antler Sweater

I finished my Antler Sweater from Tin Cats knits and I love the way it looks. These are just some buttons I had. They are acting as place holders until my beautiful buttons arrive! I am trying to be patient. The only change I made this time was with the sleeves. I made them more form fitting than on my first purple sweater. It was purely by accident, I knitted 16 down before realizing I was suppose to be increasing. I wrote the arm pattern down and just did the exact same thing on sleeve two.
I also learn how to make the body of your sweater look like one solid piece of fabric. In the purple sweater, I have these nubby knots where I stopped and started the new skeins.  

While I was knitting the green sweater, I realized that if I would start and stop the new skeins on the sides, no one would ever see the tails of the yarn. The finial result is a sweater body that looks like one solid piece of fabric.  
These are the small details that make your final projects look better. 
For my next knitting project, I am thinking about this raglan cropped sweater. It is knitted top- down and I have found a video tutorial from VeryPink.com to help me through it. I am thinking about a red or hot pink color to wear over my White Plum,  polka dot dress below. 
What do you think? Would a pink or red cardigan look better?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Buttons, What would you pick?

We have been snowed in and I have been working on another sweater. The picture above is  what the roads looked like as we were trying to get out for supplies. Yuck! 
It usually takes me one month to complete a cardigan but I am almost done and I started February 16! With that said, I have been spending a lot of time sitting and that is probably not a good idea. Knitting only exercises the mind and fingers.
Here is a picture of my kelly green sweater. I think, I must have been thinking of March, when I picked out the color. Spring is around the corner and I can't wait to start sewing spring time dresses and skirts. The sound of cotton fabric humming under the needle of my sewing machine. I am really ready for spring! Sun come back!!
Back to the sweater!
Now I am down to the final stages of the knitting pattern and I need to choose the buttons! I want wooden buttons but which ones?? 
Which ones would you choose???
Their ok, just not my favorite.
These look all natural and they are hand crafted.
or #3
I think I am leaning toward these. I love the shape and color.
Let me know your thoughts. Or if you have a suggestion please leave a link with your comment post.
Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sew Spoiled Kenna Tote Pattern Free!

Today we are sharing the Sew Spoiled Kenna Tote PDF epattern. The Kenna Tote is a  medium size tote perfect to use for business, school and/or motherhood. The tall exterior pockets on either side of the tote give easy access to all you need to hold close.  As well as, the large storage space inside for all of your things. The exterior is made from duck canvas and the interior is from lightweight cotton. The Kenna Tote sewing pattern shows you how to create a zipper pocket, a slip pocket, make straps, and install a magnet clasp. All of the templates you need for this tote can be printed on 8.5"X11" paper. 
The Templates for this pattern are located below the Scibd instructions.
Materials Needed:
Fabric A- One Yard of Canvas 60"wide
Fabric B- One Yard of cotton
Lightweight Interfacing- One Yard
Fusible Fleece- 2"X 2"
1.5" thick Webbing 12" (for strap)
Magnet Clasp

This ePattern features....
Pages: 35
Color Pictures: 66
Finished Measurements of Kenna Tote: 16" across and 14" tall from the center to the bottom of the tote.
Happy Sewing!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

New 2015 Sewing Patterns

Are you tired of all the same old projects? Looking for something new! Here are a few new patterns that just came out! 
Lisette For Butterick B6168 Sewing Pattern | Shop | Oliver + S
The front of this dress is amazing! I love the folded pleats and the keyhole at the top.
Lisette For Butterick B6183 Sewing Pattern | Shop | Oliver + S
These capri pants would be perfect in the spring!
This pattern looks very simple and flattering! 
Issues  |  Seamwork Magazine by Colette Patterns
This is a magazine, once you subscribe you can download that issue.
B6167 | Misses' Dress | Patterns by Gertie | Butterick Patterns
This is a gorgeous dress! It needs a little cover up for the shoulders.
Super cute!
Happy Sewing!